Current Research Projects

 Past Research Projects



The main research interests of the Remote Sensing of Environmental Dynamics Laboratory (LTDA) focus on the modeling of environmental dynamics and processes by means of multi-source hyperspectral and multispectral remotely sensed data at different spatial and temporal scales.

Monitoring and modeling the vegetation phenological cycle and carbon cycle in relation with climate change

Development of fully automatic spectral systems capable of collecting unattended, continuous and long-term high spectral resolution measurements.

Estimation of terrestrial photosynthesis based on hyperspectral vegetation indices and sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence derived from continuous and long term spectral measurements (at eddy covariance sites)

Developing remote sensed indicators of plant status. In particular early stress detection in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Retrieving of passive chlorophyll Fluorescence (F) by high spectral resolution spectroradiometers.

Estimation of vegetation variables, Leaf Area Index (LAI), fraction of Absorbed Photosyntetically Active Radiation (fAPAR), vegetation Fractional cover (Fc), Leaf and Canopy Water Content (EWT) and photosynthetic pigments, by semi-empirical and radiative transfer models.

Land cover and land use change detection

Fire risk and burnt areas detection by means of medium and high resolution remotely sensed imagery.

Atmosphere fine particles monitoring through course resolution satellite data.